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While Tech One Biomedical has been a leading histopathology lab equipment service provider for more than 20 years, we also sell a variety of products – the very kinds you likely use every day in your lab. We know what works. In fact, to help some of the things you do work better, we’ve designed and sell a few of our own innovative & useful items. There’s a very good chance we can save you some money on what you’re paying now for equivalent products. Also, all of our products are made in the U.S. and are covered by our one-year warranty.

Tech One Cool Cut
Anti-roll Plate



Replaces a standard anti-roll plate holder with one that uses a microscope slide for the glass. Currently compatible with many Leica cryostats.


Universal Microtome
Alignment Tool



Universal device to align your microtome cassette clamp to your knife holder.


Cryostat Chuck
Alignment Tool



A device to align your cryostat chuck to your knife holder. Also works as a heat extractor.


Specimen Chuck


25 mm set of 8 (color-coded)* $499
25 mm* $45 ea.
40 mm* $55 ea.
30 mm button** $40 ea.

* Works with most Leica and Microm cryostats.
**Works with most cryos that have “dovetail” chuck holders. Please specify your cryo manufacturer, as the design for each OEM is slightly different.


Clever Lever
Microtome Handle




Deluxe Stackable
Cassette Baskets

deluxe basket


Deluxe stackable stainless steel cassette baskets for processing up to 150 cassettes. Removable partitions. Hinged lid has latches to keep it closed.

Sorry. Currently out of stock.

Small & Medium
Cassette Baskets


$299 up to 50 cassettes

$474 up to 100 cassettes

Small and medium stackable stainless steel cassette baskets with removable partitions. Comes with lid and dividers.

Sorry. Currently out of stock.

Cassette Basket
Rapid Processing



  • Holds up to 76 cassettes
  • Cassettes stack vertically (label side up)
  • Snap-in-place lid with handle
  • Part #: 5112D

Sorry. Currently out of stock.

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