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Own a Leica CM 1850 Cryostat and wondering about service?

Last year, Leica announced that it will be “discontinuing supply chain support for the Leica CM1850 instrument, effective December 2020.”


Tech One is here to take care of your CM 1850 service and maintenance needs!

As you know, these machines are solid and effective performers – pretty much as good as the new ones. BUT, if you want to upgrade, let us know. We may be interested in purchasing your CM 1850.

If your CM 1850 is under an annual service contract with us, GREAT. You’re all set. 

If not, one of these two options may be a good fit for your ongoing CM 1850 service needs.

Preventative maintenance / tune-up: $688

  • Deicing the unit. 
  • Cleaning and lubricating microtome.
  • Tightening all screws.
  • Confirming proper operation.
  • Calibrating if needed.
  • Pulling knife holder apart, cleaning and securing all screws.
  • Cleaning debris from chamber.
  • Cleaning cooling fan and condensing coils.
  • Checking temperature / cooling.
  • Testing full operation, including cutting a sample block.

(Additional travel charge if over four hours away.)

Full-service, one-year contract: $2,806 

  • Includes all repairs, travel, labor and parts & materials.

Please let your service tech or us know if you’d like Tech One Biomedical to help you with your CM 1850 going forward. Thank you!

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