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Matt Mincer – President & Founder

Matt Mincer founded Tech One Biomedical in 1997 and has served as the company’s president ever since. Besides leading Tech One and its 25+ employees, he invents new histology technology, develops and executes its growth plans, still performs field repairs, trains new techs and often cooks full meals for his employees in the office’s full kitchen.

A self-described “total tech nerd,” Matt says that when he was a kid, he took apart everything he could. “I guess I never lost that.”

Explaining his overarching company philosophy, Matt says, “Tech One has a ‘be-cool’ policy. I find that if you treat people fairly (cool), they will do the same to you. I also try and keep all situations light and funny.”

Prior to starting Tech One, Matt was a service tech with Memphis Biomedical, LSINAS and then Shandon.

He sees ultimately building Tech One to service lab and histology managers in labs in every major city in the United States.

Still closely connected to the core of his business, Matt frequently puts on his service technician hat and repairs clients’ equipment in their Chicago-area labs.

Having done this work for more than 25 years, Matt is as close as it comes to a histology equipment historian. (Unfortunately, however, no accredited university has asked him to teach, lecture or even write a paper). He and his staff are also experts on the newest histology equipment.

A huge fan of cooking, guitars, music, and fixing anything, he also maintains a little “side business” fixing vintage stereo equipment for a small group of loyal clients. One of the ways he gives back includes regularly donating to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. He also fixes musical instruments for young students at the Oak Park School of Rock for a nominal charge (as part of his “be-cool policy”). Matt and his family live in Oak Park, IL.

Matt’s Musings
Exciting histology tends:
“Automation seems to be the direction histology is going. As a super nerd, it’s pretty cool. On the other hand, some of the equipment seems to make things more complicated than I think it needs to be.”

Proud achievements:
“I know it sounds corny, but I’m very proud of Tech One! I always saw myself as a dumb, dyslexic kid from Memphis. If a doofus like me can make it, there’s hope in the world!”

Personal revelations:
“I grew up in Memphis and somehow have never been to Graceland. At this point, it’s become a matter of pride.”

His favorite:
Movies: Love and Death, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf, All That Jazz and Princess Bride.

Bands: Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchel, Paul Simon and Belle & Sebastian.

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