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You name it, we can fix it.

Matt Mincer—a technician himself with extensive experience with histology equipment and their manufacturers— founded Tech One when he saw an opportunity to serve lab customers directly and personally.

In 1997, he and his first employee made all the service calls themselves, often putting 60,000 miles a year on their cars. As the company grew, Matt hired more technicians and extended the company’s reach throughout the eastern U.S. and into the Midwest. Tech One is now looking to expand its territory further across the country and its services into all types of labs.

Maybe it's time we stop by and meet you in person.

Our Team Members

Think of us as dedicated members of your team—problem-solvers with firsthand knowledge of your equipment and your business. On call, day in and day out, year in and year out.


Matt Mincer

Founder / President

I’m one of those people who can fix anything—especially old stuff, things you can get your hands into. It’s like I’m compelled to repair something, and before I know it I’ve got quite a collection.

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Jimmy Dula

Business Development Manager

I’ve been with Tech One for so long that customers aren’t just customers anymore, they’re friends. Friends who became parents, then grandparents together. We really know each other, and I really know their labs.

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Jim Kovach

National Service Manager

A customer should only need to call us once when there is a problem. I work to ensure that the right tech gets on site as quickly as possible and that the customer doesn’t have to stress about the repair. Every day is a new challenge and a new test – I want to make sure our customers feel we are passing with flying colors.

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Linda Petrucci

Service Coordinator

We’re really good at making sure a customer speaks directly with a service technician. No one should ever have to wonder when an issue will be resolved. I make sure it gets handled right away.

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Jeanine Pedersen

Office Manager
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Annette Oishi

Office support
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Eric Burris

Service Tech
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Nate DaSilva

Senior Service Tech
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Eddie Hall

Service Tech
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Luke Houser

Senior Service Tech
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Dustin Hutchison

Senior Service Tech
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Gary Klepitsch

Service Tech
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Matt Lanford

Service Tech
866-497-3033 X142

Leonard Palmer

Service Tech
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Barry Petrone

Service Tech
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Kurt Schreiber

Senior Service Tech
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Eric Smith

Senior Service Tech
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Scott Stevenson

Service Tech
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Fred Williams

Service Tech
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Kevin Wolter

Senior Service Tech
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What makes our technicians unique?

We care about your needs and your concerns. Because professional shouldn’t mean impersonal. At least not to us.

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